Our treatments

The wellness area

Our beauticians welcome you to a cosy and quiet space for relaxation and meditation. Natural essences, softened lights, zen music. Once you enter, the oils, smooth creams and hot pebbles will convey you to this multi-sensory place.

Our special


Entrées bains – 2h
Entrées bains – 2h

Profitez de 2 heures de bain en haute saison avec un tarif adapté.

à partir de 15€


The space has four booths, including a double one. Memory foam massage tables and heated mattresses. Relaxation room, herbal tea room, nail salon.
As nothing is like anywhere else in Les Angles, our beauticians invite you to go on a trip…

There are six sensory trips to choose from:


tick A trip of fulfilment to Provence: Calisson honey
tick An exotic trip to Madagascar: Exotic mango
tick A relaxing trip to Scandinavia: Green leaf
tick A floral trip to Polynesia: Monoi
A trip to Reunion Island: Vanilla
Trips to the Caribbean: Passion fruits


So embark with delectation on a unique trip…
Our beauticians have four booths, including a double one for your personalised trip. The visit to the Bathing Area lasts for two hours for any purchase of a treatment or massage (except for beauty treatments). Some treatments can be performed as a duo in our double booth. We hire out bathrobes for all our treatments and massages. Our massages are non-therapeutic and non-medical body modelling and beauty and wellness treatments.

Facial treatments

Discover our facial treatments in a relaxing atmosphere….
Basic Eyes Patch Time • À la carte

These “full contour” patches can simultaneously treat puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles for a fresh and radiant look!
To be added during the facial treatment.

Instant Ritual • 60 minutes

Several rituals are on offer, depending on your kind of skin.
– Dry and dehydrated skin ritual
– Greasy skin ritual
– Sensitive skin ritual

La vie à Vendôme • 75 minutes

This anti-age treatment brings together luxury and pleasure to awaken the skin’s splendour.

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Kids treatments

Organic treatments created and adapted for children aged from 5 to 12 years: hand pressure adjusted and privacy respected. Fruity moments of relaxation!
The junior treatment menu

Organic treatments created and adapted for children aged from 5 to 12 years: hand pressure adjusted and privacy respected.
Fruity moments of relaxation!

Gentle Youth • 30 minutes

A comprehensive, moisturising and relaxing facial treatment for a moment of relaxation.

Soft body • 30 minutes

A comprehensive, relaxing, nutritional and fruity treatment.

Relax Max • 60 minutes

A facial and body treatment for a perfect moment of relaxation.

My first tandem family massage • 40 minutes for two

To introduce your child to the benefits of a massage, or if he/she’s already a massage addict! It’s a moment of calm and exclusivity, a moment of closeness to be shared with mum or dad!

The body scrub rituals

After a final visit to the steam room. After a scrub, this exfoliating treatment will enable you to remove dead epidermis cells to allow your skin to recover its radiance.

Body scrub and massage • 60 minutes


Anti-Ageing Body Massage • 1 hour 15 minutes

Massage performed with GOLD HONEY, whose active ingredient is caviar. Its unique HONEY texture is transformed into a beautiful pearly massage oil: tone and beauty.

Relaxation à la carte • 30 minutes

Identify the areas of tension (back, neck, legs, etc.) with our beauticians. Rebalance your energies and enjoy a real moment of relaxation.

Body evasion • 60 minutes

Rejuvenating and profound, this relaxation and beauty treatment par excellence enables you to find deep corporal wellness and smooth and silky skin.
Dabs, pressures and palpations are used in combination with our multi-scented massage oils to allow true relaxation from head to toe.

4-hand massage • 30 minutes

The 4-hand massage is a dual act involving two practitioners and the same areas of the body are massaged simultaneously. Work in complete harmony and synergy. Muscular and mental relaxation: A FULL ESCAPE!

Invigorating Nordic massage (back or legs) • 25 minutes

A deep, invigorating and dynamic massage that will remove any tension from the body and regenerate it.

Recommended for athletes.

Getaway in Polynesia • 75 minutes

Combining the benefits of a massage with heat and the softness of shells, this treatment provides complete relaxation, soothes your muscular and nervous tensions and has a calming effect on your body and mind.

Massage with hot stones • 90 minutes

Hands and hot stones will act as one to provide delicate dabs all over your body… The hot stone massage, with the gentle heat of volcanic stones, will harmonise the energy flows and transport you into deep relaxation.

A magical treatment to offer or offer yourself… • 2 hours of relaxation + 2 hours bathing

2 hours of relaxation + 2 hours bathing just for you!
– Body scrub
– Massage
– Facial treatment

A wonderful invitation to relax… allow yourself to be transported away by the expert hands of our beauticians.