The Baths

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The space for relaxation

Espace Angléo welcomes you to a unique place which, as if in a dream, combines water, stones, wood, snow, make-believe and pleasure.

The ideal complement to skiing, hiking, mountain biking, discovering our magnificent mountains or, quite simply, your desire for a holiday; we’ve attempted to imagine what everyone needs to relax and unwind after physical effort or simply out of a desire for pleasure…

Massages, bathing, beauty treatments or water aerobics, the choice is yours… or why not try them all?

To enjoy the rays of the sun, come and unwind in our Balnéo and Wellness areas along a scented path combining whirlpools, saunas and steam pools…
Whether you come with family or friends, enjoy a moment of relaxation or a simple fitness session with breathtaking views of the skiing area, the lake and the old village of Les Angles.

Forget the hassle of everyday life, relax in a unique place that will imbue you with softness, comfort, vitality and calm.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the intoxicating scents around you and the beauty of the landscapes.
A short break in the heart of Le Capcir to ensure memorable moments.

Our spaces

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The Indoor Space: the large pool

This area, in which the stones and wood enter into harmony with the water, combines several ambiences. Relaxation and calm are the key words here.

Swan’s neck jets, water cannons, hydromassage nozzles, light therapy, massage jets… it lacks nothing to ensure that you have a pleasant time.

The Kids Space

A Zen space will welcome children, who’ll enjoy the massage jets, whirlpools and so on.


The Relaxation & Calm Space

A sensory and visual immersion as a prelude to relaxation.
The space provides relaxation with underwater audiotherapy.

The Outdoor Space

Whether it’s warm or cold outside.

In the centre of the outdoor pool, a jacuzzi with a vortex and a whirlpool flow where the fluid particles rotate around an instantaneous axis, with powerful and medium-strength bubbles, massaging jets and counter-currents all around.


The steam room & the sauna

Because nothing is like it is elsewhere in Les Angles... the steam room and the sauna have been revisited, with the East in an igloo and Scandinavia in barrels.
2 saunas:

70°C/100°C (dry heat)
Benefits of the sauna:
A sauna session is highly effective in combating stress and tension.
The body secretes endorphins which facilitate relaxation.
The sauna helps us to sleep better and flush out the toxins accumulated by the body.


2 steam rooms:

Around 50°C (damp heat)
The steam room removes impurities and bacteria.
It frees the sinuses and nasal passages and facilitates breathing, soothes muscle pain and leads to immediate relaxation.
The above is possible thanks to the benefits of the heat combined with humidity.
A steam room is one of the best things you can offer your body.

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The Salt Cave

This will enable you to discover the benefits of halotherapy.
Halotherapy is a form of natural salt therapy.

Inhaled mineral salts and trace elements enable you to unwind and relax. The benefits of halotherapy are brought about by the environment and the micro-climate recreated in the salt cave.



For the Wellness Space

Here, relaxation and serenity are the key words

tick Permitted: swimming trunks and boxers for men, one or two-piece swimsuits for women. Shorts and bermuda shorts prohibited.

tick Swimsuits on sale at the facilities.

tick Children (under 15) are admitted, but they must be accompanied by and under the supervision of an adult.

tick The time spent in the changing room is included in the overall length of the two-hour bathe.

tick €5 will be charged for each additional half hour per ticket.

tick Access to the steam room, sauna and quiet space is strictly prohibited for children under 12, including accompanied ones.

tick Please put your towels on the racks provided for the purpose.

tick All shoes are prohibited inside the Balnéo facilities (flip-flops are allowed).




The outdoor pool must be vacated 30 minutes before closing.