The Angléo project

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Project description

Project title and framework of the aid fund

“By virtue of deliberation no. CP/2017-FEVR/17.02 of 3 February 2017, aid totalling €2,633,974.50 for the financing of your project titled: “Redevelopment of the old pool into a wellness aqua space” has been awarded to you within the framework of Axis 02, Specific Objective 02, Action 4b: “Boosting tourism sectors and services in the Pyrenees: “Thermoludism and Wellness” of the 2014-2020 Pyrenees ERDF Interregional Operational Programme.”


4 massage booths (1 of them double), 2 saunas, 2 steam rooms, 1 salt cave,
4 pools, including:

1 children’s pool (39 m²)
1 relaxation pool with underwater music (42 m²)
1 outdoor pool with a swan’s neck, massage jets (146 m²)
1 indoor pool with alcoves equipped with jets, massage benches, a swan’s neck, a ring (140 m²)


Project cost:

approx. €6,200,000 not including VAT



Europe: €2,633,974.50
Region: €700,000
Department: €150,000


The project in photos

January 2014 | Start of the project

May 2015 | Hierapoli discrevimus

November 2016 | Hierapoli discrevimus

April 2017 | Hierapoli discrevimus

January 2019 | Hierapoli discrevimus

December 2018 | Public opening